Oven and Kitchen Cleaning

Prolonging the life of your cooker

Prolonging the life of your cooker

Dip Tank Cleaning technology

Dip Tank Cleaning technology

Antiviral detergents included in the price

Antiviral detergents included in the price

Pet Frendly

Pet Frendly

Did your cooker lose its shine? You need it valeted and racks restored back to a spotless condition?

No worries, Cleaner Than Ever is here to help you. Book our comprehensive oven cleaning service and leave the rest to the acclaimed professionals in London. Let us know what is the type of cooker in your kitchen and when you want it professionally valeted.

From domestic clients to small and large businesses throughout London. Our cleaning services are the perfect solution for the wide range of premises: pubs, restaurants, hotels, hostels, schools, dormitories, private & more.

Why choose the fantastic oven cleaners?
  • Fast, affordable oven cleaning offers, and the results are brilliant;
  • Meals won't have the taste of smoky, burnt-on grease;
  • You will extend the life of your cooker if you use professional oven cleaning at least twice a year;
  • Fire accidents are less likely to happen when your appliance is spotless;
  • The oven cleaners use specialised non-caustic detergents;
  • Your appliance will be ready for use right away.

The home oven cleaning service step by step:
  • The service starts with a free inspection of your appliance;
  • The technicians make sure that everything works before valeting your oven;
  • The area around the cooker is covered with protective sheets to prevent splatters from spreading around;
  • The oven cleaner dismantles all removable parts of your oven and dips them in a tank with a special degreasing solution;
  • While the parts are soaking deep, the technician carefully scrapes off accumulated grease and grime;
  • Then the cooker cleaner scrapes the loosen dirt from all disassembled parts;
  • Finally, when all parts of your oven are perfectly clean and dry, the technician assembles your kitchen appliance and polishes it to perfection. The best thing is, you can start cooking right away.
What else can be included in your oven valeting service?
Additional appliances cleaning services that can be included as part of your oven valeting + types and models of cookers that we clean:

All types of ovens and heat-storage range cookers: single and double ovens, single wide ovens, 90cm and 100 cm master ranges;

Different brands of heat-storage range cookers: AGA, Rayburn, Stanley, Neff, Whirpool & more.

Utilities and removable parts: trays, racks, panels, fans, light protectors, control knobs and extractor filters.

Other kitchen appliances: fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, microwave ovens, ceramic hobs, gas hobs, range hoods and different types and models of extractors.

  • Fridge/freezer cleaning – Get rid of foul odours and mould with our specialised refrigerator cleaning service. The technicians will wipe your fridge spotless both inside and outside. All removable parts will be thoroughly sanitised as well.
  • Extractor cleaning – Prevent fire hazards in the kitchen with a regular exhaust hood cleaning. The technicians we work with will use gentle degreasing agents to dissolve build-up oily fumes from your extractor. The filters and other removable parts will be soaked in the dip tank and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Dishwasher/washing machine sanitising – Dishwashers and washing machines require a regular maintenance in order to work properly. The experts will wash the filter of the appliance and wipe the seal and soap drawer spotless.
  • Oven shelf guard - With this neat little cooking accessory, you can reach your hand out into the oven safely.


01. How much time after the oven cleaning do I have to wait before I can cook?
You can start cooking right after the job. However, we recommend that you let your oven work empty for 15 minutes. That way, any excess moisture will evaporate.