Little Time to Clean? Speed-Clean with These Tips


Speed cleaning isn’t about perfection – it’s about reducing the stress and workload while providing a welcoming environment for guests, even if they are your family. Hosting a holiday meal should be enjoyable, and spending minutes, not hours, cleaning is one way to make that happen. Here are a few speed cleaning hacks to get you going.



Make it fast and fun
Put on fun music and set a timer- you’ll move quickly and keep it lighthearted, rather than being so burdensome. Now isn’t the time for a deep clean, rather a touch-up. Light a scented candle or prep an air diffuser with a great holiday scent, so it smells festive and welcoming when everything is clean. If it’s still not fun, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Stash your stuff
With your timer going, you must move fast. Don’t worry about getting everything in the right place. Make a temporary fix by picking up clutter and throwing it into the trash or a box or laundry basket that can easily be stashed in a closet or garage. Put stacks of mail, catalogs, or other paper clutter into a drawer.

When you have more time, and the guests are gone, you can go back through and organize. Bonus, you have a single place to look if it’s something stashed that needs to be found.

Use multipurpose wipes
Wipes are a fast way to tidy everything from countertops to toilet seats. Simply wipe and throw them away- no need for multiple cleaners or rags. Keep it quick! Use the wipes to dust high visibility areas and skip the areas guests aren’t likely to see (for now).

Squirt cleaner in the toilet before you do any other cleaning so it can sit. Then, use a brush to quickly clean the bowl once everything else is done.

Make your bed
Making your bed instantly makes your room look cleaner, which will help you feel better. Make it a contest to see who can make their bed the fastest or the best looking to get everyone to participate. The winner gets extra dessert or more time to play a game… whatever works for your family.

Load the dishwasher
Put everything in the dishwasher that will fit. You can reorganize it later if needed, such as removing pots and pans to handwash them. It’s frustrating to have dirty dishes pile up and a dishwasher full of clean dishes – so don’t run it unless you also have time to unload it. Just keep filling it and deal with it a bit later.

Tidy remaining areas
A kitchen will look clean if the cabinets are empty. Remove extra appliances and store them in the cabinets. Wipe the counters and stove and clean the sink. Sweep floors and spot clean any spills. Vacuum all carpeted areas and sweep as needed.

Speed cleaning is even easier when the deep cleaning has been done. If you really want to save time and sanity, consider hiring A Cleaning Service. An award-winning cleaning company serving the Greater Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas, we would love to earn your trust. Read our reviews, then call us for a quote today. Let us help you keep your home healthy for every season with regular cleanings or a deep clean, so you can focus on the tasks and relationships that matter to you!

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